How much Altro Orchestra Custom flooring do I need to order?

Important: Make sure you check with a flooring contractor to confirm the quantity of flooring you need before placing your order

The designs within the Altro collection have a variety of pattern repeat lengths.

Different designs have different repeats; some short and others longer. This needs to be taken into consideration when ordering your flooring as it will influence the amount you need. Designs with shorter repeats will potentially reduce the amount of wastage.

The design repeat measurement is shown on the edge of the flooring for ease of installation, and is available for each design.

A standard roll is 20 metres long and two metres wide, with an additional 100mm bleed at the head and tail of each roll, and 10mm each side.

Examples of two design repeat lengths

Examples of two design repeat lengths

The design repeat needs to be considered carefully to ensure that the flooring is installed correctly. If a cut is made in the middle of a repeat, the remaining part of that repeat should be removed from the second drop so that it can be aligned with the first drop.

Seamless Pattern

Some of the designs have a subtle visual texture and may, at first glance, look similar, however, the difference will be noticeable if the flooring is not aligned correctly. This is important to consider with both the geometric designs and photographic images, where the design repeat may not be immediately obvious.

an example of incorrectly aligned flooring

Above: an example of incorrectly aligned flooring.

Alternative installation option

Alternative installation option: in some cases it may be possible to cut around the design shape to align two adjacent flooring drops as shown above. This may help to reduce wastage and also offers a less obvious joint. However, to provide a quality and tightly butted flooring joint requires precise cutting and installation.

To minimise wastage, especially for designs with longer repeats, installation should start along the longest section of the area, and the layout planned to keep the number of cuts to a minimum.

Minimising wastage 1
Minimising wastage 2

Below: examples of how different flooring installation layouts may affect the amount of flooring needed.

Flooring layout examples 1
Flooring layout examples 2

Please check with a flooring contractor to confirm the quantity of flooring needed before placing your order.