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Frequently asked questions:
Altro Custom floors and walls

1. What are Altro Orchestra Custom floors and Altro Whiterock Digiclad (Custom) walls?

Altro Orchestra Custom floors and Altro Whiterock Digiclad (Custom) walls are designed by you to exactly suit the space you are creating. You can choose between using your own images, or opt for a design from the Altro collection.

2. Why introduce the Altro Orchestra Custom floors and walls?

Altro Orchestra Custom and Altro Whiterock Digiclad (Custom) give you ultimate creative freedom. Use them to create unique interior spaces that look better and work harder to make those spaces more effective. This service can enhance your brand appeal, deliver on improved learning environments, support faster patient recovery, and much more.

3. What is the guarantee for the product?

Altro Orchestra Custom and Altro Whiterock Digiclad (Custom) both have a 10-year guarantee.

4. How many designs will there be in the Altro collection?

There are a variety of different images in the Altro collection. These will be added to frequently so that we are able to offer the most up-to-date design trends to meet your floors and walls needs.

5. Can I use one of my own images?

Yes, you can use your own images and upload it using our service. Please be aware that there are important considerations relating to image size and quality that need to be considered when using your own images. A technical specification for image quality and format can be found here. Please also consider that all images will be checked for indecency, and will be rejected for printing, if we deem appropriate.

6. How do I upload my own image?

A detailed step by step guide is available here.

7. Are you able to create a design for me?

If you want to use your own design, rather than choosing one from the Altro collection, and need help creating one, we recommend taking advice from a designer who will be able to take your idea and turn it into an image that we can use. We are not able to provide a design service.

8. Do I own the rights to my own image?

If you have created your own image and have not taken it from elsewhere you will own the rights.

9. Will the design be used elsewhere?

If you upload your own image this will not be replicated or used by Altro elsewhere without your prior permission. Images from the Altro collection are available to all customers so may be used elsewhere.

10. When uploading my own image, how do I know if it is of a good enough quality?

Once you have uploaded your image you will be taken through various steps that show the image quality. At each stage you will be required to confirm that you are happy with the quality and wish to continue. Please be aware that what is shown on screen may not be identical to what is printed. Find out more about this here.

11. I get a pop-up message stating my image is not of good quality. What can I do?

Please ensure that your file is the correct format and quality. You can find the file formats requirements here. Once you have uploaded your file, you will be advised if the image is not the quality required. You will also be shown a preview of what your floor or wall will look like once printed, including a close-up section.

12. Do I get a sample of the image I am ordering?

When ordering walls material, you will be able to request a generic sample to see the quality and finish. This sample will not be of the image you are requesting but will be one that we have in stock at the time.

When ordering floors material samples of the Altro collection are available as A4 pieces.

We are not able to supply finished samples of your own uploaded creative images.

13. What are the lead times for this product?

Our production time is six to eight weeks, plus shipping time. When you place your order, a member of our customer services team will call to confirm all details, including timescales.

14. What are the shipping costs for this product?

The shipping costs depend on your requirements and location. These will be discussed at the time of payment.

15. Can I return my product if I do not like the design?

As your order is bespoke we are unable to accept returns on either Altro Orchestra Custom or Altro Whiterock Digiclad (Custom). During the ordering process there are opportunities to see a preview of your floor or wall to ensure that you are happy with it before you confirm the order.

16. Can I cancel or change my order before I receive it?

Once order and payment have been processed, it is not possible to cancel or change an order. Please speak with one of our customer care team to check the status of your order.

17. Are there any special installation requirements?

We recommend you consider the space that the floor or wall is going into. What else is in the room? Where are the doors, windows and other fixtures and fittings? Do you need to consider floor hatches etc?

Please note that your wall or floor is a unique product and should be installed with great care. Replacement or extra product will take time to produce and incur an additional cost.

Our products should be installed in accordance with our installation guidelines which are available on our website.

18. Do the designs transition from floors to walls?

In many cases we are able to print the same image on both the floor and walls, so transitions between floors and walls can be achieved. Please be aware that a precise colour match cannot be guaranteed due to the different materials being printed on. Please use the link below to see some examples of floors and wall transitions.

19. Can I weld the flooring?

You can heat weld the material but we recommend using a cold weld as this will give a better visual finish. It’s not possible to supply a matching weld rod and a contrasting weld may detract from the design you have selected or created.

20. What jointing trims can be used on the walls?

For Altro Whiterock Digiclad (Custom) walls supplied through the Altro Portal we are only supplying a two-part trim for use when joining sheets. The two-part joint trim can be printed with the image so the trim will be as unobtrusive as possible. If you need alternative jointing methods please contact us.

21. Can the walls be thermoformed?

Do not thermoform Altro Whiterock Digiclad (Custom) as it will affect the protective hard coat used on the walls system to protect the printed image.

22. The size of wall sheet I need isn’t on the drop-down menu, how do I get it in the size I require?

If you require a smaller size, it can be cut down on site but please ensure the design you have used will still present as you want it to once cut.

23. How can I pay for this product for this product?

We accept credit card or BACs payment or, if you are one of our existing account holders, the costs of this material can be placed on your account.

24. What are the minimum order quantities for the floors and walls custom material?

Floors – The minimum order volume of Altro Orchestra Custom is 40m², and then in 10m² increments.
Walls – The minimum order quantity is one sheet of Altro Whiterock Digiclad (Custom).