And now for the science bit...

Why choose Altro Custom walls?

Altro Custom walls give you the ‘wow’ factor in the simplest way. Enjoy total creative freedom with the quality and performance you expect from Altro walls. Consistent, high quality print combines with hard-coat technology to give you a scratch-resistant, durable surface that looks fantastic.

Where you can use Altro Custom walls?

Great for areas where looks count, for feature walls and to aid with wayfinding, Altro Custom walls are ideal for a huge variety of public spaces. Whether using images of local landmarks to give care home residents familiar surroundings, or a vibrant pattern to make a restaurant stand out from the competition, the possibilities are endless. Combine with Altro floors to complete the look.

Any questions?

Please refer to our frequently asked questions section for more information on Altro Custom floors and walls, and the ordering process. Our technical datasheet will help your specification, or you can contact our customer services team.

Altro Whiterock Custom
The panels

Altro Whiterock Digiclad (Custom) walls sheets are available in two sizes. Choose between 1220mm by 3000mm, or 1220mm by 2500mm. If the size of your wall falls between these two sizes, choose the larger sheet and check that you are happy with how the image will appear using the preview.

Altro Whiterock

Joining your Altro Whiterock Digiclad (Custom) wall sheets

The wall sheets can be either be butt-jointed (in areas that don’t require a water-tight system) or joined together using a digitally printed trim, which can be ordered at the same time as your wall sheets.

Digitally printed trim

Using Altro Whiterock Digiclad (Custom) to create a large image

To create a space with impact, use Altro Whiterock Digiclad (Custom) sheets to create a large, seamless image. The Altro collection includes a selection of images that can span up to a maximum of seven panels (please see the sizes guide table below for details). Due to shape and resolution, not all images in the Altro collection are appropriate for all sizes. To check your chosen image works for you, please refer to the size guide (below) to confirm availability.

Altro Whiterock

We have optimised the image crop for each individual size. See below for examples of how one image looks in various numbers of sheets.

Altro Whiterock Altro Whiterock
Size guide Height 2500mm Height 3000mm
1 x panel 1220mm x 2500mm 1220mm x 3000mm
2 x panel 2440mm x 2500mm 2440mm x 3000mm
3 x panel 3660mm x 2500mm 3660mm x 3000mm
4 x panel 4880mm x 2500mm 4880mm x 3000mm
5 x panel 6100mm x 2500mm 6100mm x 3000mm
6 x panel 7320mm x 2500mm 7320mm x 3000mm
7 x panel 8540mm x 2500mm 8540mm x 3000mm